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AS64745 - France-IDF

Maintainer: f6cnb

Paris area.
Last edited 2018-05-06 by f6cnb
Callsign M Location Name Maintainer User access Comment Edited
f0edr Le Luc en Provence, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Jean-Michel QRA 30d f6cnb
f0gby David, Les Mureaux, 78 f6cnb 407d f6cnb
f1ags Philippe, Velizy 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Philippe Velizy 78 602d f6cnb
f1dwo Henri, Epernon 28 f6cnb Local WiFi Mikrotik router RH433 - 1 NanoBe.. 812d f6cnb
f1ebk Patrick, Le mesnil le r.. f6cnb 640d f6cnb
f1evm Le Genest Saint-Isle, 53 QTH Jean Francois 57d f6cnb
f1faq Christian, Palaiseau 91 f6cnb Local WiFi F1FAQ, Christian, Palaiseau, 91 1293d f6cnb
f1gqm Paris 75015 f6cnb Olivier QTH 41d f6cnb
f1lqd Jacky, Beynes 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Beynes, 78 1360d f6cnb
f1pry Emmanuel, 60 Jouy-sous-.. f6cnb 352d f6cnb
f1ptl Bruno, Rueil Malmaison 92 f6cnb Local WiFi Bruno QRA 289d f6cnb
f1sca Jean-Marc, Montigny 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Montigny, 78 337d f6cnb
f1shs F1SHS QTH f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi WebSite 103d f6cnb
f1zcy Repeaters Auneuil 60 f6cnb 356d f6cnb
f1zht Repeater F1ZHT 60 f6cnb None DMR repeater 60 Mesnil sur bulles 815d f6cnb
f1zka repeater site f6cnb Bus St Remy, 27 182d f6cnb
f1zoi Repeteur F1ZOI 92 f6cnb,f1shs Local WiFi DMR Repeater, La Defense, 92 603d f6cnb
f1zpl Repeaters Paris 10eme f6cnb,f1shs Via F5KTR Desactivated 92d f6cnb
f1zpq Repeater F1ZPQ La Defense f6cnb Repeteur P25 Paris La Defense 647d f6cnb
f4bit Stephane QRA f6cnb Stephane home near Nancy 54 France 578d f6cnb
f4bwt Montmorency, 95 f6cnb Laurent QTH 39d f6cnb
f4fhm Franck, Aulnoye-Aymerie.. f6cnb Local WiFi Aulnoye-Aymeries, 59 290d f6cnb
f4fsd-1 Laurent, Villiers-sous-.. f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Villiers sous St Leu,.. 603d f6cnb
f4fsd Laurent, Montataire 60 f4fsd,f6cnb Laurent QTH Montataire 60 603d f6cnb
f4gev Laurent, Aubagne 13 f6cnb Aubagne 270d f6cnb
f4glj Pierre, Taverny 95 f6cnb Taverny, 95 870d f6cnb
f4gug St Mariens, 33 Sylvain QRA 69d f6cnb
f4huy Maisons Laffitte,78600 f6cnb,f4huy 5d f4huy
f5hcc Fabrice, Monneville 60 f6cnb,f5hcc Site du relai f5ZFY 346d f6cnb
f5hnk Patrick, Dampierre 78 f6cnb Local WiFi Dampierre, 78 1331d f6cnb
f5kck RC Sartrouville 78 f6cnb RC Sartrouville, 78 639d f6cnb
f5kes RC Taverny 95 f6cnb RC Taverny 95 (NW of Paris) 925d f6cnb
f5kia RC Montargis 45 f6cnb,f4hkp Local WiFi RC UAICF de Montargis (local RC) .. 656d f6cnb
f5kmb RC Pierre Coulon f6cnb Local WiFi Saint Just en Chausse 60 753d f6cnb
f5ktr RC GRAC Paris 75 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio club du Groupe des Radio Am.. 1100d f6cnb
f5nlg Belle Isle en Terre 22 f6cnb,f5nlg QRA F5NLG 70d f6cnb
f5oci Alain, Clamart 92 f6cnb Local WiFi F5OCI, Alain, Clamart, 92 753d f6cnb
f5vmh Theo, Dreux, 28 f6cnb,f5vmh 2362MHz-5MHz Dreux, 28 1099d f6cnb
f5zeq Repeteur RC Sartrouvill.. f6cnb 5685/10MHz Mesnil le roi, 78 (Chateau d'eau .. 1080d f6cnb
f5zin Plounevez Moedec, 22 f6cnb Repeater 10/2/0.70m (F5NLG) 57d f6cnb
f5znx Mittainvilliers repeater f6cnb Coming soon.... Maybe..... 812d f6cnb
f6bvp-1 Saint Tropez, 83 f6cnb Local WiFi Second QRA F6BVP Bernard 24h f6cnb
f6bvp Bernard, Paris 75 f6cnb Local WiFi c.. F6BVP servers: - HAMNET site: htt.. 927d f6cnb
f6cnb Remi, Bures-sur-Yvette 91 f6cnb HAMNET 5685M.. Servers, gateway and user access... 28d f6cnb
f6ezi Jean-Luc, Neron 28 f6cnb HAMNET 5675/.. Jean Luc, Neron 28 791d f6cnb
f6fcd Lionel QTH f6cnb Prasville, 28 569d f6cnb
f6fhv Henri, Verrieres-le-Bui.. f6cnb Local WiFi Henri, f6fhv, Verrieres le buisso.. 1331d f6cnb
f6gal Irene, La Hay les Rose.. f6cnb None f6gal Irene 94 La hay les roses 753d f6cnb
f6hmp Patrick QRA, Paris f6cnb Patrick QTH Paris 7eme 581d f6cnb
f6ini Jacques Meudon 92 f6cnb Local WiFi f6ini Jacques 92 Meudon 1307d f6cnb
f6iqf Christian, Rambouillet 78 f6cnb None Rambouillet, Christian 1294d f6cnb
f6jig Raymond, Cormeilles-en-.. f6cnb Local WiFi Raymond, Cormeilles-en-Parisis 95 427d f6cnb
f6kbs RC CEA Saclay 91 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio Club du CEA Saclay 91 763d f6cnb
f6kfv RC Versailles 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz Radio Club de Versailles 78 1100d f6cnb
f6kkr RC Rambouillet 78 f6cnb 2362MHz/5MHz RC de Rambouillet 78 904d f6cnb
f6krk RC St Quentin en Yvelines f6cnb,f4hvq Local WiFi Radio Club de Saint Quentin en Yv.. 36d f6cnb
f6kvp Paris, 75019 f6cnb Dimension Parabole F6KVP, Cite de.. 93d f6cnb
f6mpn Gerald Villebon, 91 f6cnb local WiFi 649d f6cnb
f8khq RC Clamart 92 f6cnb 5675MHz/10MHz Radio Club de Clamart 92 (SW of P.. 200d f6cnb
59 entries.
Subnet-IP Type Own AS Parent Radio parameters / Comment Edited
No entries.
Host-IP M Hostname Type Site Radio parameters / Comment Edited router.f6cnb Routing-Ethernet f6cnb Mikrotik RH2011UiAS-2HnD router for f6cnb site 1015d f6cnb pwr-ctl.f6cnb Service f6cnb Power plugs remote control 1315d f6cnb pwr-ctl2.f6cnb Service f6cnb Power plugs remote control 2 1214d f6cnb webcam.f6cnb Service f6cnb WANSVIEW NCB543W 1017d f6cnb nas.f6cnb Service f6cnb 870d f6cnb munin.f6cnb Service f6cnb Munin server - 27d f6cnb sipserver.f6cnb Service f6cnb SIP server using asterisk on a raspberry pi. -.. 1599d f6cnb sipphone.f6cnb Service f6cnb linksys PAP2T sip client + phone 1591d f6cnb hamsrvpi.f6cnb Service f6cnb Raspberry pi running hamsrvpi. http://44.168.1.. 1324d f6cnb ftp.f6cnb Service f6cnb ftp server running on DLINK NAS 1643d f6cnb www.f6cnb Service f6cnb web and ntp server - ou .. 1290d f6cnb aprs.f6cnb Service f6cnb APRS node using DIXPRS on a Raspberry pi - htt.. 1290d f6cnb rsyslog.f6cnb Service f6cnb remote syslog server 295d f6cnb ntp.f6cnb Service f6cnb GPS based NTP server 346d f6cnb weather.f6cnb Service f6cnb Local weather and radioactivity monitor runnin.. 1123d f6cnb bbs.f6cnb Service f6cnb bbs and secondary netrom/fpac node 02080191531 1301d f6cnb gateway.f6cnb Service f6cnb IPIP gateway running on Mikrotik CCR1.. 631d f6cnb dx.f6cnb Service f6cnb dx spider and Netrom/Fpac node 02080191530 1301d f6cnb p25.f6cnb Service f6cnb P25 repeater TX 430.475 RX 439.875 under test.. 569d f6cnb webcam2.f6cnb Service f6cnb HiRes webcam pointing North 471d f6cnb ctrlbox.f6cnb Service f6cnb Control power supply Internet 89d f6cnb picsat.f6cnb Service f6cnb PicSat receiver 71d f6cnb adsb.f6cnb Service f6cnb Ads-b receiver. Fligthware 32d f6cnb wifi.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,WiFi for local use SSID F6CNB-WiFi 629d f6cnb ap5.f6cnb Service f6cnb AP Bridge,5785MHz BW=5MHz - UbiquitiRocket M5 .. 655d f6cnb ap2.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge,2362/5MHz - Nano-BeamM2 toward Pala.. 655d f6cnb hamnet-idf.f6cnb Service f6cnb delocalized server (also on Inte.. 27d f6cnb pptp-2-hamnet.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp client to BGP server to In.. 27d f6cnb pptp-client-f4gkn.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp connection from f4gkn to f6cnb server 754d f4gkn pptp-f6cnb.f4gkn Routing-Tunnel f4gkn pptp -> f6cnb 422d f4gkn router2pptp.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb second pptp server for router connections 672d f6cnb pptp-f4gen.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f4gen f4gen router pptp link 672d f6cnb pptp-client-f4fgi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f4fgi 607d f6cnb pptp-f6cnb.f4bit Service f4bit 578d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6krk Routing-Tunnel f6krk pptp client to F6CNB 370d f6cnb vpn-f6krk.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KRK 370d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4gev Routing-Tunnel f4gev pptp client to F6CNB 370d f6cnb vpn-f4gev.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4GEV 370d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6ini Routing-Tunnel f6ini pptp client to F6CNB 370d f6cnb vpn-f6ini.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6INI 370d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.n5cnb Routing-Tunnel n5cnb pptp client to F6CNB 370d f6cnb vpn-n5cnb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from N5CNB 370d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1zcy Routing-Tunnel f1zcy pptp client to F6CNB 368d f6cnb vpn-f1zcy.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1ZCY 368d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5hcc Routing-Tunnel f5hcc pptp client to f6cnb 368d f6cnb vpn-f5hcc.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5HCC 368d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6kkr Routing-Tunnel f6kkr pptp client to F6CNB - Backup link 358d f6cnb vpn-f6kkr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KKR - Backup link 345d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6iqf Routing-Tunnel f6iqf pptp client to F6CNB 356d f6cnb vpn-f6iqf.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6IQF - Backup link 356d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1dwo Routing-Tunnel f1dwo pptp client to F6CNB 356d f6cnb vpn-f1dwo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1DWO - Backup link 345d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6ezi Routing-Tunnel f6ezi pptp client to F6CNB 348d f6cnb vpn-f6ezi.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6EZI - Backup link 345d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1shs Routing-Tunnel f1shs pptp client to F6CNB 348d f6cnb vpn-f1shs.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1SHS 348d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5kia Routing-Tunnel f5kia pptp client to F6CNB 348d f6cnb vpn-f5kia.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f5kia 348d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5zeq Routing-Tunnel f5zeq pptp client to F6CNB 345d f6cnb vpn-f5zeq.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F5ZEQ - Backup link 345d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4hfg Routing-Tunnel f4hfg pptp client to F6CNB 342d f6cnb vpn-f4hfg.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4HFG 342d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1sca Routing-Tunnel f1sca pptp client to F6CNB 337d f6cnb vpn-f1sca.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb ptp server from f1sca 336d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5ktr Service f5ktr pptp client to f6cnb 297d f6cnb vpn-f5ktr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f5ktr 297d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4fhm Routing-Tunnel f4fhm pptp client to F6CNB 290d f6cnb vpn-f4fhm.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4FHM 290d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1ptl Routing-Tunnel f1ptl pptp client to F6CNB 289d f6cnb vpn-f1ptl.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1ptl 287d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1znr Routing-Tunnel f1znr 104d f1ngp vpn-f1ngp.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1NGP 210d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1ikd Routing-Tunnel f1ikd pptp client to F6CNB 183d f6cnb vpn-f1ikd.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb server pptp link f1ikd-f6cnb 183d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f8fkd Routing-Tunnel f8fkd pptp client to f6cnb 182d f6cnb vpn-f8fkd.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server to f8fkd 182d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1nni Routing-Tunnel f1nni pptp client to f6cnb 182d f6cnb vpn-f1nni.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server to f1nni 182d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4dur Routing-Tunnel f4dur pptp client to f6cnb 171d f6cnb vpn-f4dur.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4dur 171d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4egg Routing-Tunnel f4egg pptp client to f6cnb 168d f6cnb vpn-f4egg.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4egg 142d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1ibr Routing-Tunnel f1ibr pptp client to F6CNB 145d f6cnb vpn-f1ibr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1ibr 145d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1igy Routing-Tunnel f1igy pptp client to f6cnb 144d f6cnb vpn-f1igy.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server to f1igy 144d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bqn Routing-Tunnel f4bqn pptp client to f6cnb 144d f6cnb vpn-f4bqn.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4bqn 144d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bqn-1 Routing-Tunnel f4bqn-1 pptp client to F6CNB 142d f6cnb vpn-f4bqn-1.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F4BQN-1 142d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6kli Routing-Tunnel f6kli pptp client to f6cnb 128d f6cnb vpn-f6kli.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KLI 128d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6aph Routing-Tunnel f6aph pptp Client to f6cnb 91d f6cnb vpn-f6aph.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6APH 91d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6kvp Routing-Tunnel f6kvp pptp client to f6cnb 91d f6cnb vpn-f6kvp.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f6kvp 91d f6cnb vpn-f1zke.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1zke 76d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1tzo Routing-Tunnel f1tzo pptp client to f6cnb 28d f6cnb vpn-f1tzo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F1TZO 76d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4alm Routing-Tunnel f4alm pptp client to f6cnb 76d f6cnb vpn-f4alm.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4alm 76d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6koh Routing-Tunnel f6koh pptp client to f6cnb 76d f6cnb vpn-f6koh.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from F6KOH 76d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5nlg Routing-Tunnel f5nlg pptp Client to F6CNB 70d f6cnb vpn-f5nlg.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp serveur from F5NLG 70d f6cnb rrf.f5nlg Service f5nlg Serveur Reseau des Repeteurs Francophone 70d f6cnb vpn-rrf-n5nlg.f6cnb Service f6cnb PPTP server from serveur RRF 70d f6cnb irc.f4gug Service f4gug IRC server on HAMNET... - 69d f6cnb vpn-irc-f4gug.f6cnb Service f6cnb PPTP serveur from F4GUG IRC server 69d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f8bmb Routing-Tunnel f8bmb pptp client to f6cnb 66d f6cnb vpn-f8bmb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f8bmb 66d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5rvx Routing-Tunnel f5rvx pptp client to f6cnb 66d f6cnb vpn-f5rvx.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f5rvx 66d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.fy4rw Routing-Tunnel fy4rw pptp to f6cnb 56d f6cnb vpn-fy4rw.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp from fy4rw 56d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f5zin Service f5zin pptp client to f6cnb 57d f6cnb vpn-f5zin.f6cnb Service f6cnb pptp server from F5ZIN 57d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1evm Service f1evm 57d f6cnb vpn-f1evm.f6cnb Service f6cnb pptp server from f1evm 57d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f1gqm Routing-Tunnel f1gqm pptp client to f6cnb 41d f6cnb vpn-f1gqm.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f1gqm 41d f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f4bwt Routing-Tunnel f4bwt pptp client to f6cnb 23d f6cnb vpn-f4bwt.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f4bwt 24h f6cnb vpn-f6cnb.f6bvp-1 Routing-Tunnel f6bvp-1 pptp client to f6cnb 24h f6cnb vpn-f6bvp-1.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp server from f6bvp-1 24h f6cnb bb-f1zoi.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge (AirMax),5785/8MHz - NanoStationM5-300 718d f6cnb router-bb-f1zoi.f8khq Service f8khq Port routeur vers La defense F1ZOI 759d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1zoi Routing-Radio f1zoi Station (AirMax),5785/8MHz - NanoBeamM5-300 718d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1zoi Service f1zoi Port routeur vers F8KHQ 814d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge (AirMax),5845/8MHz - NanobeamM5-400 718d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f8khq Service f8khq 1079d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq Station (AirMax),5845MHz/5MHz - Nanobeam M5-400 644d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f5zeq Service f5zeq Router port to Sartrouville 759d f6cnb bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Routing-Radio f5ktr Station 5695MHz BW10MHz NanoStationM5 846d f6cnb router-bb1-f8khq.f5ktr Service f5ktr Router port to F8KHQ 925d f6cnb bb1-f5ktr.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge - AP Bridge,5695MHz BW10MHz - NanoSt.. 846d f6cnb router-bb1-f5ktr.f8khq Service f8khq Router port to F5KTR 925d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo Station,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to F.. 790d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f1dwo Service f1dwo Router port to Rambouillet F6KKR 794d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr AP Bridge,5785/5MHz - Mikrotik Dish + RB912 to.. 790d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f6kkr Service f6kkr Router port to f1dwo Epernon 28 791d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Routing-Radio f6ezi Station - Mikrotik dish + RB912 to F6KKR Rambo.. 791d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6ezi Service f6ezi Router port to Rambouillet 791d f6cnb bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr AP Bridge - Backbone to F6EZI Neron 28 791d f6cnb router-bb-f6ezi.f6kkr Service f6kkr router port to F6EZI Neron 28 791d f6cnb bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),2362MHz/5MHz - Link 2.3GHz .. 368d f6cnb router-bb-f5hcc.f1zcy Service f1zcy Router port 4 to dish 368d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Service f5hcc router port to f1zcy 368d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f5hcc Routing-Radio f5hcc Station (AirMax),2362/5MHz - dish to f1zcy 368d f6cnb router-bb-f1faq.f6cnb Service f6cnb router port to F1FAQ backbone 812d f6cnb bb-f1faq.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge (AirMax),5730/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 629d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f1faq Routing-Radio f1faq Station (AirMax),5730/5MHz - PowerBeamM5-400 629d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f1faq Service f1faq router port to F6CNB backbone 812d f6cnb bb-f4glj.f5kes Routing-Radio f5kes AP Bridge - Ubiquiti radio to F4GLJ 925d f6cnb router-bb-f4glj.f5kes Service f5kes 925d f6cnb bb-f5kes.f4glj Routing-Radio f4glj Station - Ubiquiti Radio to f5kes 925d f6cnb router-bb-f5kes.f4glj Service f4glj router port to radio to f5kes 925d f6cnb dcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb DSTAR DCS033 reflector VPS 876d f6cnb vpntodcs033.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp connection from gateway to DSTA.. 876d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f4dwb Routing-Tunnel f4dwb GRE tunnel between f4dwb and f6cnb 844d f6cnb gretun-f4dwb.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb GRE tunnel between f6cnb and f4dwb 844d f6cnb router-bb-f1zht.f1zcy Service f1zcy Link 5GHz vers F1ZHT 368d f6cnb bb-f1zht.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5785/8MHz - Ubiquiti NanoBridgeM5 ve.. 160d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zht Routing-Radio f1zht Station,5785/85MHz - Ubiquiti PowerBeamM5-400 160d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zht Service f1zht Router port to F1ZCY via 5GHz link 594d f6cnb bb-f5znx.f1dwo Routing-Radio f1dwo AP bridge to f5znx 813d f6cnb router-bb-f5znx.f1dwo Service f1dwo Router port to Chartres 813d f6cnb bb-f1dwo.f5znx Routing-Radio f5znx Nanobeam to Epernon 663d f6cnb router-bb-f1dwo.f5znx Service f5znx router port to Epernon 663d f6cnb ipsc2-france3.f6cnb Service f6cnb IPSC2 France3 HAMNET 369d f6cnb vpn-ipsc2fr3.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb vpn to ipsc2 france3 server 369d f6cnb dmrp-fralsace.f6cnb Service f6cnb DMR+ France Alsace 208 HAMNET 369d f6cnb vpn-dmrp-fralsace.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb vpn to DMR+ FRance Alsace 208 server 369d f6cnb ipsc2-fr1.f6cnb Service f6cnb IPSC2-fr1 285d f6cnb vpn-ipsc2-fr1.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb vpn link to IPSC2-fr1 server 285d f6cnb bb-f8khq-10g.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs Station (AirMax),10.322GHz/BW=28MHz - Link 10G.. 759d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq-10g.f6kbs Service f6kbs router port to F8KHQ 10GHz link 764d f6cnb bb-f6kbs-10g.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge (AirMax),10.322GHz/BW=28MHz - Link 1.. 759d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs-10g.f8khq Service f8khq router port to F6KBS 10GHz link 764d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs Station,5685MHz BW 10MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 346d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.k6kbs Service f6kbs F6KBS router port to F6CNB 759d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge,5685MHz BW10MHz - PowerBeamM5-640 346d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6cnb Service f6cnb router port to Saclay 759d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq Station,5815MHz-10MHz - PowerbeamM5-640 759d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f8khq Service f8khq Router port to Bures 759d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge,5815MHz-10MHz - PowerbeamM5-640 759d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f6cnb Service f6cnb Router port to Clamart 759d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6kbs Service f6kbs f6kbs router port to f6kbs-f6kkr backbone 759d f6cnb bb-f6kkr1.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs New parabole 65cm with rocketM5 on top of the .. 379d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr Station,5835MHz BW5MHz - rocketdish 30dBLW + R.. 708d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6kkr Service f6kkr Router port to f6kkr-f6kbs backbone 758d f6cnb bb-f6kfv.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge (AirMax),5735MHz BW=10MHz - NanoBeam.. 759d f6cnb router-bb-f6kfv.f8khq Service f8khq Router port to Versailles 759d f6cnb bb-f1lqd.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq AP Bridge,5755MHz-8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 vers B.. 651d f6cnb router-bb-f1lqd.f8khq Service f8khq Router port to Beynes 759d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f6kfv Routing-Radio f6kfv Station (AirMax),5755/8MHz HAMNET-F8KHQ-F1LQD .. 288d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f6kfv Service f6kfv Router port to F8KHQ 288d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1lqd Routing-Radio f1lqd Station,5755MHz-8MHz - NanoBeamM5-400 to F8KHQ 758d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1lqd Service f1lqd Router port to F8KHQ 758d f6cnb bb-f6hmp.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq Link to F6HMP (same equpement as to F5KTR 577d f6cnb router-bb-f6hmp.f8khq Routing-Ethernet f8khq Router port to F6HMP 577d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Radio f6hmp Station (AirMax) - PowerBeamM5-400 on 5675MHz .. 577d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Ethernet f6hmp Port BB to F8KHQ 577d f6cnb bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq Station (AirMax),5715/8MHz - Lien 5GHz entre F.. 718d f6cnb router-bb-f1zoi.f1zpq Service f1zpq Port Routeur vers F1ZOI 287d f6cnb bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Routing-Radio f1zpq AP Bridge (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz - NanoStation.. 644d f6cnb router-bb-f5zeq.f1zpq Service f1zpq router port to F5ZEQ 653d f6cnb bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Routing-Radio f5zeq Station (AirMax),5785MHz/10MHz 644d f6cnb router-bb-f1zpq.f5zeq Service f5zeq 653d f6cnb bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Routing-Radio f6cnb AP Bridge (AirMax),5730/5MHz - Powerbeam-M5-400 649d f6cnb router-bb-f6mpn.f6cnb Service f6cnb router port to F6MPN 649d f6cnb bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Routing-Radio f6mpn Station (AirMax),5730/5MHz 649d f6cnb router-bb-f6cnb.f6mpn Service f6mpn router port to f6cnb 649d f6cnb bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Routing-Radio f6kkr AP Bridge (AirMax),5.xxxGHZ - NanoBeam-M5-19dB.. 588d f6cnb router-bb-f6iqf.f6kkr Service f6kkr Router port to F6IQF 588d f6cnb bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Routing-Radio f6iqf Station,5GHz - NanoBeam M5-19dB to F6KKR 588d f6cnb router-bb-f6kkr.f6iqf Service f6iqf router port to f6kkr 588d f6cnb f1zpl.f5ktr Routing-Ethernet f5ktr router port to F1ZPL 755d f6cnb f5ktr.f1zpl Routing-Ethernet f1zpl Router port to F5KTR 26d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f6kfw Routing-Tunnel f6kfw Gre tunnel to f6cnb 841d f6cnb gretun-f6kfw.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel f6kfw, Cherbourg 841d f6cnb bm2081fr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Brandmeister France 2081 VPS 430d f6cnb vpntobm2081fr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb pptp link from gateway to Brandmeister 2081 430d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f4hof Routing-Tunnel f4hof-100 Tunnel IPIP F6CNB-F4HOF 647d f6cnb gretun-f4hof.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers F4HOF 867d f6cnb cbridge.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb DMR Cbridge VPS 877d f6cnb vpntocbridge.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb To DMR Cbridge VPS 878d f6cnb gre-f6cnb.f4glj Routing-Tunnel f4glj Tunnel vers f6cnb 919d f6cnb gre-f4glj.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Tunnel vers f4glj 919d f6cnb gretun-f6cnb.f5oeo Routing-Tunnel f5oeo gre tunnel to f6cnb,91 924d f6cnb gretun-f5oeo.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb gre tunnel to f5oeo, 86 924d f6cnb gre-f8khq.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb Link f8khq- F6CNB gateway 395d f6cnb tungre-f6cnb.f4gkr Routing-Tunnel f4gkr End of tunnel to f6cnb and f4gkr server 927d f6cnb tungre-f4gkr.f6cnb Routing-Tunnel f6cnb End of tunnel to f4gkr 927d f6cnb router-bb-f6krk-f1sca.f6kbs Service f6kbs router port backbone F6KBS to F1SCA and F6KRK 336d f6cnb bb-f6krk-f1sca.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs AP Bridge (AirMax),5780MHz/5MHz - NanoBeam-M5-.. 337d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f1sca Service f1sca router port 4 to F6KBS 337d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f1sca Routing-Radio f1sca Station (AirMax),5780MHz/5MHz - Nanobeam-M5-40.. 336d f6cnb router-bb-f6kbs.f6krk Service f6krk router port to F6KBS 337d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f6krk Routing-Radio f6krk Station (AirMax),5780MHz/5MHz - NanoBeam M5-40.. 337d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f8khq Routing-Radio f8khq Station (AirMax),5725/5MHz - Rocketdish 30dB +.. 200d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f8khq Service f8khq router port to F1ZCY-F8KHQ backbone 200d f6cnb bb-f8khq.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge (AirMax),5725/5MHz - Rocketdish 30dB.. 200d f6cnb router-bb-f8khq.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to F1ZCY-F8KHQ backbone 200d f6cnb router-bb-f1zcy.f1zka Service f1zka router port to f1zcy 183d f6cnb bb-f1zcy.f1zka Routing-Radio f1zka Station - dish to f1zcy 183d f6cnb bb-f1zka.f1zcy Routing-Radio f1zcy AP Bridge,5825MHz/5MHz - dish to f1zka 160d f6cnb router-bb-f1zka.f1zcy Service f1zcy router port to f1zka 183d f6cnb router-bb-f5ned.f6kbs Routing-Radio f6kbs router port to F5NED 91d f6cnb bb-f6kbs.f5ned Routing-Radio f5ned Station (AirMax),5780/5MHz - Nano Station M5-4.. 91d f6cnb router.f8khq Routing-Ethernet f8khq Mikrotik RB2011. Main f8khq router 1342d f6cnb c4fm-uhf.f8khq Service f8khq repeteur c4fm fusion F6ZHF 430.125 +9.4 MHz 398d f6cnb pwr-f6zhf.f8khq Service f8khq Power control of F6ZHF 299d f6cnb hamsrvpi.f8khq Service f8khq Raspberry pi 2 running hamsrvpi. - ATV repeate.. 861d f6cnb sipphone.f8khq Service f8khq SIP phone at F8KHQ 1594d f6cnb ap-router.f8khq Service f8khq Router port to AP 5675MHz 758d f6cnb ap.f8khq Service f8khq AP Bridge,HAMNET 5675MHz BW=10MHz - UBIQUITI R.. 1325d f6cnb sta-f8khq.f6bvp Routing-Radio f6bvp Station (AirMax) - Connected to F8KHQ-AP on 56.. 1291d f6cnb sta-router2.f6bvp Routing-Ethernet f6bvp 280d f6cnb sta-f8khq.f6gal Routing-Radio f6gal Nanostation M5 on 5675MHZ:BW=10MHz 863d f6cnb router-f8khq.f6gal Service f6gal Port router vers F8KHQ 863d f6cnb sta-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Radio f6hmp PowerBeamM5-400 on 5675MHz BW=10MHz 578d f6cnb router-sta-f8khq.f6hmp Routing-Ethernet f6hmp Router port to F8KHQ 578d f6cnb router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 1391d f6cnb webcam.f6kfv Service f6kfv DLink webcam. Flux rtsp:// 1323d f6cnb www.f6kfv Service f6kfv Serveur web 1391d f6cnb dns.f6kfv Service f6kfv dns secondaire pour hamnet IDF 1298d f6cnb sipphone.f6kfv Service f6kfv SIP phone poste 600 1255d f6cnb pc.f6kfv Service f6kfv Club PC 1324d f6cnb wifi-router.f6kfv Routing-Ethernet f6kfv 1315d f6cnb ap-router.f6kfv Service f6kfv Port routeur mikrotik vers Point d'acces 1109d f6cnb ap.f6kfv Service f6kfv AP Bridge,2362MHz,BW=5MHz 1109d f6cnb router.f5zeq Service f5zeq 1080d f6cnb webcam.f5zeq Service f5zeq Webcam Chateau d'eau de F5ZEQ - http://44.168... 285d f6cnb ap.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge,5.685MHz/10MHz SSID=HAMNET-F5KCK - 5.. 288d f6cnb ap2.f5zeq Service f5zeq AP Bridge (AirMax),5705/10MHz HAMNET-F5KCK - p.. 288d f6cnb sta.f5kck Service f5kck 640d f6cnb sip.f5kck Service f5kck Telephone SIP 431d f6cnb sta.f1ebk Service f1ebk 640d f6cnb sta.f4huy Service f4huy Station - Station Ubiquiti NBE-M5-16 5d f4huy router.f1zoi Service f1zoi routeur du site f1zoi 1100d f6cnb dmr.f1zoi Service f1zoi Repeteur DMR F1ZOI. 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